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Ви є гратидитячі розмальовки гра. Не забувайте грати інші coolкартина ігри at 009igry.com! Частка цій грі, ваш друг або Закладка тепер для грати пізніше
To play this new coloring game, just click the icons at the top of the screen and choose the type of paintbrush you want, or the little bucket to fill in between the lines - it’s much easier that way! Next, choose a color from the palette at the bottom of the screen. My favorites are red and gold, but you can pick whichever ones you like best. If you make a mistake just press the large eraser icon to rub it out, or click the smaller eraser to start over. Lilou, Lea and I all love babysitting, and we love playing baby games and art games!
Use Mouse to play this game.